My life

                                                                              My Life


On the year of 17th, I was heard the call of Lord to study at Seminary of Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) in South Vietnam before the day of National Union in 1975. After two years for studying Bible and Theology in Nha Trang and experience years I get B.A degree in Theology of this Seminary. I received a position Ordained Pastor in charge of the church of CMA church in Hochiminh city on 2003. At beginning Church has only 10  members. I  preached, taught and trained Bible’s studies for people who are non-believers, Buddhists etc. After 23 years executive I left for the church 1,500 members and a new great church.


I also achieved two BSc. degrees from Open University and Social and Humanity Science University of Hochiminh city. My Thesis topic is "Protestantism in Southeast Asean". I published a book "The life of Jesus" in Vietnamese on 1995 with 15,000 copies. It is the first book about evangelism having popular in the Nation of Vietnam. By grace of Lord  I have trips to exchange culture with Pusan University of Korea in 1994 and Malaya University of Malaysia in 1995. I achieved MBA degree of Central State University in California in 2001


The year of 2006, I found the Justified Baptist Church (JBC) and Ministries. God blessed by faith that they growth and spread in community in Hochiminh city Vietnam. We have 100 members volunteer for activities of Church and Ministries. I am also CEO of website Evangelism in Vietnamese: started in 2009.


My family has three sons, the oldest son is last year student of Tennessee Temple University (TTU), Second boy is second year student of Natural Science University in Hochiminh city and the third boy is student of primary school. My wife is also volunteer in ministries of women and charity. 


                                                                                    Rev. Nguyen Quoc Dung


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Hội Thánh Baptist Công Bình 380/383 Phạm văn Hai P.5 Q. TB. TPHCM (ĐT: 38454061) Giờ nhóm CN: Sáng 8 giờ Chiều 6 giờ 30. Quản nhiệm Hội Thánh MS. Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh. ĐT: 38454061. Chủ nhiệm Mục vụ: MS. Nguyễn Quốc Dũng. ĐTDĐ 0938615997

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"Bấy giờ các ngươi sẽ xướng ca như trong đêm giữ lễ thánh. Các ngươi sẽ có sự vui trong lòng, như kẻ thổi sáo mà lên núi Đức Giê-hô-va, đến cùng vầng đá của Israel." Ê-sai 30:29

























































































































































































































































































































































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